Friday, August 26, 2016

According to the National Park Service website, "The name Jenny Lake dates back to the Hayden Expedition of 1872 when Jenny Leigh, Shoshone Indian wife of Richard 'Beaver Dick' Leigh, assisted the expedition." 

When I visited Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, I was struck not only by Jenny's story and the lake's ethereal beauty, but also by the abundance of grasshoppers ("hoppers"), moose ("broad with antlers"), and raptors ("big with wings"). These were the things that influenced me to write the poem. 

Since I posted a picture of Jenny Lake on Facebook a few days ago, and now here, I thought I would also give folks a look at the poem. Here it is, from the book...

The Grand Tetons were the inspiration for the poem "Jenny Lake" in the book.

Happy Friday!

It's been two weeks since my new book of poetry, When It Rains in the Desert, first went live on Amazon, and I finally decided I needed a venue for longer postings, so welcome to Carol's Landing, my new blog!