Saturday, March 25, 2017


We had a pretty extreme windstorm here in Southern Colorado yesterday. It blew many of the shingles off the roofs of the buildings in the complex where I live. I woke up to the tapping of hammers by the men fixing the roof above us, which was a peculiar if comforting way to wake up.

There's something about Nature unleashed that encourages quiet reflection, and I reflected on the fact that I hadn't shared a whole lot about my upcoming work.

I finished a second book of poetry toward the end of last year, and I expect it to be published later this year (I hope to give Goodreads readers the opportunity to enter a pre-publication giveaway of this book).

In the meantime, here's an excerpt from one of the poems in this year's upcoming book:

From the poem, Turquoise Lake

Like a gem
this clear
mountain lake
in the dark 
green forest 

was found by
some celestial
miner who struck
a hammer like
Odin's staff 

against the
soft earth and
released from
bondage a godly
stream to fill 

its basin
with roaming
clouds and 
sunlight and
millions of 

stars in blue
black night